Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aprisium’s monitoring technology work?

Aprisium’s technology integrates our proprietary IoT electrochemical and hybrid sensors coupled with our machine learning algorithm enabling advanced analytics to provide continuous, real-time monitoring of various environmental parameters. This allows for the immediate detection of contaminants and enables proactive management of industrial wastewater and other environmental impacts.

What contaminants can Aprisium detect?

Aprisium is capable of detecting a wide range of contaminants, including heavy metals, water quality parameters (TOC, DO, COD, ORP, Conductivity etc.), Inorganic compounds (Nitrates, ammonium, sulphides, halogens, cyanide etc.) Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), microplastics, pathogens, and more, ensuring comprehensive environmental protection.

Why is real-time monitoring important?

Real-time monitoring allows for immediate action to mitigate environmental risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and protecting public health. It transforms environmental management from a reactive to a proactive approach, significantly reducing the potential for environmental damage.

Can Aprisium’s solutions help with regulatory compliance?

Yes, Aprisium’s monitoring solutions are designed to help industries meet environmental regulations by providing accurate, real-time data on wastewater and other discharges so that they can take mitigating proactively. This assists in maintaining compliance and avoiding potential fines and penalties.

How can Aprisium improve operational efficiency?

By providing immediate insights into water quality and other environmental factors, Aprisium’s solutions enable industries to optimise their processes, reduce waste, conserve resources, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Aprisium has demonstrated success in managing over-dosing, optimising reaction chamber timings and reducing over-engineering thereby saving companies thousand and millions of dollars.

What makes Aprisium different from traditional testing labs?

Unlike traditional testing labs that offer sample and periodic analysis, Aprisium provides on-site, continuous monitoring for immediate data access. This eliminates the delays associated with sample collection and off-site testing, offering a more dynamic and effective approach to environmental monitoring.

How does Aprisium support environmental sustainability?

Aprisium’s monitoring solutions empower industries to proactively manage their environmental footprint, reducing pollution and conserving natural resources. This supports sustainable industry practices and contributes to the overall health of the planet.

What industries can benefit from Aprisium’s monitoring solutions?

Aprisium’s monitoring solutions are industry-agnostic but we are currently focusing on waste water management in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, mining, Data centers and cooling towers for resource efficiency and water savings and drinking water in emerging markets Aprisium’s advanced monitoring solutions help in protecting the environment and ensuring safe, compliant operations.

How can I learn more about implementing Aprisium’s solutions in my operations?

To learn more about how Aprisium can transform your environmental monitoring and management practices, please contact us through our website. Our team is ready to provide detailed information and support to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.