About Us

Aprisium was established in late 2021 in Singapore with a profound desire to actively contribute to addressing the global water crisis and the escalating environmental pollution. Aprisium’s mission is to save lives and envision achieving this goal by becoming the world’s foremost provider of contaminant management solutions.

The founding team

Meet the Co-Founders

Led by a team of former multinational corporation senior executives who possess extensive experience as tech entrepreneurs as well, their shared commitment to public health, safety, and the environment drives the co-founders to collaborate seamlessly in delivering top-notch solutions. Aprisium strives to empower governments and corporations in ensuring that the places where we live, work, and play is secure, clean, and healthy.

Chief Executive Officer

Raghav Narayan

As the CEO of Aprisium, Raghav brings decades of experience in leading multinational corporations in the automotive, industrial, financial services, and technology sectors. Prior to his current role, Raghav served in senior management positions like Managing Director and VP for the Volvo Group for over 24 years, leading markets, and regional positions. He has also spearheaded the rollout of a B2B SaaS enterprise startup in multiple markets across the Asia Pacific region.

Chief Commercial Officer

Wini Wong

Wini Wong is the CCO at Aprisium, with extensive experience in identifying new market opportunities, building strategic partnerships, and optimizing customer engagement, contributing to business growth, market expansion, and long-term profitability. Prior to Aprisium, Wini spent over 10 years working for Nokia globally before dedicating 7 years to the edtech sector in China, focusing on AI for learning. She also co-founded and successfully sold a mobile tech startup in the US.

Chief Technology Officer

Lars-Henrik Skjolding, PhD

Lars is the CTO at Aprisium, with a PhD in physics and a wealth of experience in chemical and biological sensor design and development. He has spent over 9 years conducting research with a particular focus on nano imprints and nano structured electrochemical sensors. Prior to Aprisium, Lars co-founded cleantech and nanotech startups in the UK and has 12 years of consulting experience on Asia Pacific market intelligence at FactSet Research Systems.

Join our team!

At Aprisium, we aspire to build a global team of passionate chemists, engineers, software developers, data scientists, business development, supply chain and manufacturing experts. We are constantly on the lookout for smart and talented people who want to join our mission in making sustainability accessible to corporates, governments, and regulators.

Please get in touch with us with your resume at contact@aprisium.com